• The building blocks
    of effective ministry

    CMD aims to assist in lifelong personal development (or to use the secular term, mastery)
    while also focusing on specific competencies for specific times in your ministry. 

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  • Ministry Growth
    clusters help ministry

    CMD Ministry Growth Clusters focus on developing an accountable peer culture, 
    where ministers give and receive personal support, encouragement and advice.

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About Us

Paving the way for
effective ministry development.

The Centre for Ministry Development (CMD), as a Centre of Moore College,  recognizes the honour that ministry is, the extraordinary strengths of those called to it, and the need for input in order to function at higher levels. Learn more

  • People who would recommend CMD Coaching & Delegation workshop to others

  • Percentage of Sydney Anglicans who became Christians under the age of 20

  • Most significant influence on those who become a Christian as a teenager - “Family”

  • Small Groups – the engine room for discipleship. % of Sydney Anglicans in small groups

  • Percentage of ministers tested who need development in Planning and Organising (see My Development)

What people are saying about CMD

  • Matt Heazlewood

    Rector, St Martin’s Anglican, Killara

    “I have found the [CMD Ministry Growth] cluster an excellent support for ministry. It’s been both encouraging and challenging – in a good way. It’s pushed me to be focused and better at measuring ministry goals on a regular basis in fellowship with other rectors.”