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Despite great strengths, all ministers need to develop personally, in understanding their setting and their world and in the competencies required for ministry. The Centre for Ministry Development aims to assist in lifelong personal development (or to use the secular term, mastery) while also focusing on specific competencies for specific times in your ministry development.

Personal Development

Through targeted psychometric diagnostics strengths and development opportunities are identified, and you will be assisted through your creation of a Ministry Development Plan to which you will be held accountable. Click on these links to find out more:

Coaching & Mentoring

CMD recognises that implementation is a considerable challenge for many people, hence CMD has employed coaches and mentors who can work with ministers or their staff to assist then in the development and implementation of ministry plans in church life.

This can be done one-to-one or as ‘peer coaching’ in ministry growth clusters.

Be developed as a team leader in either a ministry cluster setting (up to 8 members) or individually. 

For more information please contact Peter Mayrick, Acting co-Director on 0411 557 448 or via email at

Continuing Ministry and Professional Development (Training)

CMD has planned to offer a range of development and training courses throughout the year to assist Ministers in specific areas or skills required in ministry. A full range of courses is available on the Events page of our website.

Working through people

Ministers have identified a significant need to contextualise best practice in working with people in ministry. Courses we offer in 2017:

  • Recruitment - 30 AUG 
  • People management - early 2018
  • Coaching (with a focus on discipling) lay and paid staff - 2 MAR/3 AUG 
  • Conflict Management - TBA
  • Wealth with Purpose - 21 NOV 

Competency based training

These are competencies CMD has been asked by clergy to provide training in more regularly. Courses we offer in 2017:

  • Delegation (Multiplication of ministry) - 23 MAR/17 AUG 
  • Personal effectiveness (time management) - 22 JUN 

Leadership based training

Courses we offer in 2017:

  • Change Management - TBA
  • Strategic Planning - 5 SEP Cancelled
  • Resilience (a key concern in 2016 and a new course in 2017) -  Workshop on 25 OCT Canc
  • Management vs Leadership (NB at this stage CMD recommends the Oilstone course) - TBA
  • CMD Transitions Workshop Material

Ministry Workshops

CMD regularly runs workshops in the following areas in parish or with groups of ministers to help churches develop good ministry practice in the following areas:

  • Church Strategy & Planning
  • Small Groups
  • Welcome & Integration
  • Invitation
  • Children & Youth (in conjuction with Youthworks)

Ministry Simulation Game

CMD has developed a ministry simulation game which compresses decisions made over 5 years of ministry into a 2-3 hour interatctive gaming environment. Trainees consider the impact of their time allocation and decision making on church life in a safe, fun environment. Our minstry simulation game brings the challenges of church leadership into sharp focus - 29 MAY 

  • Community Chaplaincy

The Centre for Ministry Development issues an Award in Community Chaplaincy for those who have completed Anglicare's Introductory Pastoral Care course, the first 4 Units of Moore College's PTC Course (or equivalent) and have been approved through interview as a Community Chaplain.

The Centre for Ministry Development issues an Advanced Award in Community Chaplaincy for those who have completed Anglicare's Advanced Pastoral Care and Moore College's Advanced Pastoral Ministry course and hold a Bachelor of Theology or equivalent.

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  • Conferences

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