CMD Ministry Development Workshop Personal Effectiveness (Time Management)

Why personal effectiveness (time management)?

Ministry is a constant juggle to fit in what needs to be done to the limited time available to do it. There is always more that can be done but no additional time to do it. How do we fit it all in? Do we try?

In ministry there are so many ‘good’ things to be done. Are some activities more important than other things?

Have you ever felt that none of the important work is being completed in a timely fashion because all of the urgent calls in ministry are taking over?

Surely there are better ways to manage our time so that we can be more effective in our day to day ministry?

This workshop has been developed to assist church workers consider their effectiveness in ministry and their utilisation of the available time that God has given them. We will explore effectiveness in ministry at a church level and at a personal level.

We will consider identifying the more important tasks to do with our time and then prioritising them into our day so that we are not side tracked by those things which steal us away from doing what is most important. 

Our objective

The objective from this half day training is for you to:

Develop a good understanding of your use of time – both qualitatively and quantitatively

Understand Effective Ministry & prioritisation

Understand the difference between important & urgent activities

Identify what (& who) deserves priority in your allocation of time 

Consider how you prioritise scheduling “important”

Consider some tips on how to manage time

Peter Cheel (pictured) will be facilitating this workshop.


Peter has a strong background as a Senior HR leader of a large organisation and is also an accredited Executive Coach for Senior Executives.

Peter is a consultant with CMD working as a coach and consultant with Senior pastors and churches across Sydney.

Where: Moore Theological College

             TC Hammond Room (Room of Dining Room)

            2 Carillon Ave, Newtown 2042

Date: Thurs 7th March 2019

Time: 9am-1pm

Cost: $100 

Morning Tea provided

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