CMD Ministry Development Workshop Coaching and Delegation 3

Why Coaching and Delegation?

It is clear that a major part of a pastor’s work is enabling and equipping people for works of service inside and outside the church environment.

This often involves having the ability to ‘delegate’ tasks to staff and lay people across the congregation. Unfortunately delegation is a skill that is very rarely discussed or trained and many people (not just clergy) find challenging. This workshop is part of a two-part workshop to assist clergy to think through and learn some techniques in delegating to others.

Part 1 will deal with “Coaching people through the delegation process”. Coaching is a critical element of delegation that can often mean the difference between helpful and unhelpful delegation.  It is what we do throughout the delegation of a project or task to equip and encourage the person to whom we have delegated the task. Indeed, delegation without coaching is often nothing more than abdication and sets the person up for failure or disappointment. It is in this coaching environment that Christian leaders are able to disciple people as they work on a task.

In part 2 of the workshop we will focus on “Delegating ministry tasks to others”. This will enable us to consider “what” might be delegated, “how” we might delegate, including the steps we might take and what is necessary to delegate well. 

I hope that you will be able to join us!

NB to ensure that this workshop is interactive and accommodates sufficient discussion we will cap participants to a maximum of 15 people.

Peter Mayrick (pictured), acting co-Director of CMD and Senior Consultant, will be facilitating these workshops.


Where: Moore Theological College

             TC Hammond Room (Room off Dining Room)

            2 Carillon Ave, Newtown 2042

Dates: Thurs 8th Aug and Thurs 22nd Aug 2019

Time: 9am-1pm

Cost: $100 for 1 workshop or $175 for both workshops

Morning Tea provided.

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